AEIOUNA, or Aeiou Energy Integrated Obfuscation Unified Nucleic Acid, alternatively Annoying Energy In awesOme forUms is a recently (as of 8/26/13) developed (by Numbers) measurement for the approximate level of spammy aeiou-ing someone is doing.

Aeiou Unit MeasurementEdit

Aeiouna measurement is measured in u, for units. An individual unit of Aeiou is a single spam sentence, approximately. Aeiou is usually measured by structure, and intent and purpose of the object can cause the aeiou levels to fluctuate, and as such most measurements taken here are generic non-structured. No aeiou is regarded as 0 u. Egnops, or Aeiou Sponge, has a fairly low aeiou rating at 50 u per cubic meter. Copper has a fairly large negative aeiou rating, at -500 u per cubic meter. Snow has a medium negative aeiou rating of about -100 u for cubic meter. John Madden has a very high aeiou rating, at 1000 u per cubic meter. JoJ has a varying aeiou rating, but is usually very high, ranging from 100 u (when dealing with SCP containment breaches in copper-filled winter zones) to 1500 u (during certain aeiou festival rituals). Eerts and Hsubs alike usually aeiou to thrive (like much aeiou wildlife), preferring at least 50 u for every individual plant, though they often generate around 20-40 u themselves and in conjunction with certain rituals can easily produce enough Aeiou to begin spotaneous generation of high-Aeiouna substances.

Individual Aeiou RatingsEdit

Individuals also possess aeiou ratings, depending on their current mood and activities. These are known to fluctuate wildly, and are often very hard to measure. A degree of consistency can be established for the duration of the current mood and engaged activity. A given Nedben, for example, will have high AEIOUNA when exposed to John Madden, but will have lower AEIOUNA when forced into contact with unsurvivably harsh winter or forced into contact with Numbers.

Aeiou Acidity/BaseEdit

Acidity of aeiou is measured on a similar method to ph, but with flavors. Acidity is replaced by positivity (our happy aeiou) and base by negativity (everything you don't want). As usual, a medium level is preferred, as too much of any side is horrifying.