The Minecraft server's spawn location, as of May 26th, 2013.

The Minecraft server was our first gaming server. Just like with everything else, we consider spam to be perfectly acceptable on the server. Additionally, the server runs an extremely large amount of mods.

Server Info

  • IP:
  • Server RAM: 2 Gigabytes (Not too laggy during normal play, but may lag a bit under stressful conditions, like when setting off numerous amounts of nukes.)
  • Tons of mods, some of which have been made specifically for this server. There is colossal amount of content, but installing this content is a difficult process.
  • Like everything else here on Aeiou, spamming and being stupid is perfectly acceptable on the server.

Connection InstructionsEdit


Typical shenanigans on the Minecraft server.

Download the Infamy 1.2.2 modpack and the FTB Unleashed 1.1.2 modpack. You will be downloading a lot of extra mods, but it is still much faster than going though Adflys.

Then download the Aeiou Server Pack:

Once both packs are downloaded, open the "mods" folder of you the Unleashed modpack (It should have been downloaded in the same location as your FTB launcher, along with Infamy), copy the following mods into the "mods" folder of the Infamy modpack:













Thaumic Tinkerer [1.0.8]


Next, you need to download three mods, do not worry, only one uses

Finally, drop the "Place in Infamy" folder in the Infamy folder, overwrite everything if it asks you to do so.

Addendum: Disable or delete the Borderlands mod if you have issues with block IDs.

One last thing, if your client runs out of memory and chashes a few seconds after joining, you can fix the problem by going to the "Options" section of the FTB Launcher, setting the allocated memory to two Gigs or more (Obviously, you cannot do this if your computer has only two Gigs of RAM or less), and then clicking on "Advanced Options".

In the "Additional Java Parameters" section, type the following if your system has two gigs of RAM or less:

-Xms256m -XX:PermSize=128M -XX:MaxPermSize=256m

If it has more than two, use this instead:

-Xms512m -XX:PermSize=128M -XX:MaxPermSize=512m

If you encounter any difficulty after that, please contact Robert Joe on either the Aeiou Forums, the Shellcore Command Forums, Golden Sun Hacking Community, or Golden Sun Adept's Refuge. A link to the server's forum post can be found here.


Q: Why do you not use the Technic Platform for the server's Modpack?

A: We very well could, and it would make things far less difficult. However, not all of the people who created the modifications that we use approve of others re-uploading their content. Since we respect them and their work, we choose to link to their Ad.Flys as opposed to creating a true Modpack.

Q: Someone greifed my house! Can you do anything about it?

A: Yes, we can refund you for the damages and have a word with the offender, assuming that it was something severe (Putting a Sawneek or two on your roof without damaging or stealing anything is not an offense at all, Sawneeks are an endangered species!),  and an act of mindless violence (If you are openly fighting a "war" with another faction or something, it is not considered mindless).

Q: Does the map get reset when Forge updates? Will I eventually lose what I build?

A: While we do our best to import old maps, sadly, yes. The ever-changing nature of the Forge modding scene makes importing old maps nearly impossible. If you want to build something that will last, go to the Tekkit server, as it will never be reset.

Q: john madden

A: football



The old Tekkit server's spawn, as seen in July 2012.

The Aeiou Minecraft server was founded on June 27, 2012 by Robert Joe. It was originally intended to be a server for the Shellcore Command Forums (With the main intention of building the Project Moon ship for Robert Joe's Rant Adventures), but later split off onto its own after a large conflict on the forums. This eventually lead to the founding of Aeiou.

The server originally ran Tekkit 2, later updated to Tekkit 3. (Note that we also have a Tekkit 3 server)

Back in the Tekkit days, the server used to use a custom texture pack as opposed to a custom Modpack. This was due to the fact that before Forge existed, getting multiple mods to work together was extremely difficult.

When Forge was released, we ran Feed The Beast Beta and (Regrettably) DNS Techpack for a short period of time, before settling with Feed The Beast Ultimate and our additional mods for it.