The Tekkit Classic Server is an Aeiou server that obviously runs the modpack of the same name. It is far easier to connect to than our Forge server, and can be played with older, slower computers.

Server Info:

  • IP:
  • Server RAM: 1 Gigabyte (Is adequite for five players or less. It may lag a bit when setting off nukes or something, though.)
  • A decent, and most likely nostalgic selection of mods.
  • Like everything else here on Aeiou, spamming and being stupid is perfectly acceptable on the server.


  • Cannons
  • Citizens
  • Commandbook
  • Death Ray
  • Kivi
  • MidiBanks
  • Obsidian Destroyer
  • Portal Stick
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard

Connection InstructionsEdit

1. Download the Technic Platform.
2. Use it to download Tekkit Classic.
3. Start the game and connect to the IP: (That was a heck of a lot easier than the main Minecraft server, huh?)


Q: Why even bother running a server with an extremely out-dated Modpack?

A: Well, obviously, our main Minecraft server is extremely difficult to connect to, and requires a decent PC to join. This server, while it has much less content, does not posses those issues.

Q: Someone greifed my house! Can you do anything about it?

A: Yes, we can refund you for the damages and have a word with the offender, assuming that it was something severe (Putting a Sawneek or two on your roof without damaging or stealing anything is not an offense at all, Sawneeks are an endangered species!),  and an act of mindless violence (If you are openly fighting a "war" with another faction or something, it is not considered mindless).

Q: john madden

A: football


The Tekkit Classic server was launched on June 23, 2013. The original machine that the server was run on crashed on June 25th. On June 27th, it was launched on a new machine with twice the RAM.