Darty11 derping

Darty11 derping.

Blaze thing

A screen shot taken from an abandoned mod by darty11. He uses this as his avatar for most things, except AEIOU related things.

Darty11 is a taco who is too lazy to make a detailed page about himself. He is an Aeiou admin.


Darty11 is very vain shown by the fact that he writes in depth wiki pages about himself.


Darty11 is also sarcastic from time to time.


Darty11 is a taco.

Aeiou RoleEdit

Darty11 is a long-time member of Aeiou from the original SCC forums. He had a subplot role in Robert Joe's Rant Adventures during the Minecraft segment, as a troll and then a spy.


Proof that darty11 is a taco.