Downloadable Drugs are executable collections of files used by digital, software, robotic, or otherwise computer-based 'life'forms to get high much as biological lifeforms use drugs. They have most of the side effects as an optional simulator, including addiction. Shellcores are known to use these, as part of the Upgrader's spare time role as a Propogander. Similar LifeSim programs are used in matrix-style combination-simulators alongside powerful magic, advanced technology, and cheating narration to create a semblance of life for easy matricies.

Downloadable Drugs are one of the early aeiou memes spawned by Robert Joe's Rant Adventures.

Known filesEdit

ShellcoreHigh.exe (Sold by Infect, Clearly Delusional, Haven 3 Propogander)

skooma.exe (Sold by nedbens )

nedbensoul.exe (Sold by nedbens)

JohnMadden.exe (Sold by nedbens, Feizhi )

Advertisimo.exe (Sold by Haven 3 Propogander)

CrazyStoryTheory.exe (Sold by Nedbens, Haven 3 Propogander, Clearly Delusional)

Side EffectsEdit

ShellcoreHigh.exe has been known to leave iLivid programs in disreputable sales. Skooma.exe has been known to cause the addictivity and fourth-wall-breaking effects of regular skooma. Nedbensoul.exe is highly corrosive and leaves data corruption in certain files. JohnMadden.exe advertises unfinished games. Advertisimo.exe causes advertisements, and lots of them. CrazyStoryTheory.exe randomly generates crazy and improbable stories.