About many aeons ago ever since the Shingeki Imperial Confederation along with all of it's allies had faced a threat that would wipe out all and leave nothing in its wake... Those darkness times has all now came to pass as all the surviving factions has finally ended the threat of a malevolent forces that they at first even not knowing what exactly is even those mysterious forces... However what all of them only know is they came from nowhere, for an unknown purposes they've been unleashed to destroy all the civilizations.

During all these ancients times, every factions and nations, each fells into the one thing known as the Corruptions, as time passes by more and more of them had been turned against their kind... All these factions had all put up every resistance against the Corruptions, but neither of them, some got destroyed, others completely succumbed to evil forces.

It all began on a civilization that has living peacefully... Everything was perfectly normal. Then in a sudden an anomaly appear in one of their planets, and that's when every chaos started to happens, unidentified vessels and mysterious celestial beings and strange entities surround everywhere, blazing every cities on the planets into nothingness, then many fleets from the whole civilization was dispatched to counter the advancing destruction of unknown entities but their resistances were not enough to handle the strengths of such mysterious forces, and as then the mysterious forces continue to invades, and wreaking destructions on more planets... All was thought to be lost for that civilization, however a sudden quirk of fate vessel has come to save all the remains of the civilization and even their refugees, and that vessel carry them away from the havoc forces. Though they have now escaped the terror of the mysterious forces something frightening still tailing them... And that unknown entity followed them toward the territory of the Shingeki Confederation, where the mysterious forces is about to wreak more chaos.

Inside the Shingeki Imperial Confederation's region of their star systems, just before the Worldship vessel travel across their territory. The Shingenii's local military forces had begin to receives reports of unknown attacks on civilian ships and foreign vessels inside the proximity of their territory's region, at first it was some kind of mere unknown probe AIs attacking the civilians, and they always retreats when the armed police forces came in... Later on some more powerful unknown class vessels suddenly warp in and began to harassing territory patrol forces, at that point everyone have begun to doubt that a mere pirate forces did not carry out the attacks or anything, as there were a strange patterns in the movements of the unknown ships. The Shingeki Imperial Council has been wary of these news, and they even request to investigate the origin of the unknown hostile ships, but to no avail no vesselpedia documentations that had the info that matches the ones of the mysterious forces, and not even any investigations had found the trace or any clues of what they are... A while later, the real terror has seems to come toward the Shingeki's territory... A dozens of their military outposts were under attacks by unknown hostile fleets and later on many more of the border stations were being invaded and destroyed... Cities on the planets within the attacked outposts orbits has been razed, casualties on civilians was unknown... As a respond to the impending threats the Shingeki has dispatched many subdivisions fleets well and heavily armed to combat the forces.

However the strengths of the Shingeki Confederation alone might not be enough to combat the forces, so they call in the aid of the Magnate Republic of Takanii, one of their closest allies who are also being harassed by the mysterious forces as well, they also informing the others nearby factions of the threats and convincing them to join the fight. While doing so the mysterious forces attacks many more factions whom both the Shingeki known and did not known, as though there were no boundaries for them to continue their endless advances of destruction.

And even if one of the forces is destroyed they reappeared again in somewhere else, as if they were coming from different dimensions other than the universes. But there is something... Not all of the celestials were in the same side however as it appeared to be, some of them were fighting the other ones, but all the others forces which was been attacked by the mysterious forces perceived all the celestials as enemies even though some of them had not done any harms...

Meanwhile in the escape of the "Worldship" class vessel... There revealed to be a celestial being that operates the whole ship, which is bigger than any kind of Motherships and Battleships that has ever being manufactured anywhere in the current history of the universe and the ship is nearly 2/3 a size of a moon. This celestial being however claims to have known the movements of the mysterious forces... And it tell all peoples onboard the ships that it came in a different realm of dimensions which were the opposite from the realm of dimension that the mysterious forces coming into the world... Both realms however were in a war with "good and evil", that is what it called for everything that is going on. However the celestial did not able to explain why the forces which destroys civilization came into the world for it did not known their purpose either... It told the survivors one thing: "I came from another world which was suffered like your world now. However there was one who brought us the miracles so we can became a kind similar to the celestials... So we can oppose them. Those celestials who seeks to destroy all around them were called the 'Dark Ones', we refer them as the 'Dark Celestials' who seek destructions and powers above all others. When they first came into our world we do not know what they are... There is one being however that opposes against the 'Dark Celestial' who had decided to help us to become the 'White Descendants'... We are on side with you even though many of your kinds on this world did not differiate us with the Dark and the White..."

After that being said... There's one of the survivor who appeared to be the leader of the old civilization that asked the "White Descendants" celestial about all the matter that has transcended, the celestial responds to each questions straightly... It tell that all the others kind on the world no matter who they are, what differences they had, must unite power together along with the "White Descendants" to stop the "Dark Celestial"...

Suddenly their discussion was interrupted by sounds of explosions. As it turned out, the mysterious fleets were following the Worldship vessel the whole time!

The White Celestial began to perform some unknown actions as a response to whatever forces were outside the ship, immediately a voice informed the whole ship that "Worldship weaponry system online! The enemy fleet has engaged hostilities! All capable pilots, please go and be on standby at the pilot center."

There was a glowing light lit up inside the ship that appeared, in order to point out where the pilot center was. The ship's point defense weaponry, a flurry of lasers, drones, distortions of space, repulsors, exploding forcefields, began to intercept unknown fighter squadrons, while some sort of main beam weaponry and battle cannons system had begun to target and fire at unknown cruisers and battleships attacking in the vicinity. It seemed that the White Celestial was operating the weaponry of the ship. The first wave of the attacks had been repelled successfully, however the White Celestial announced that it had begun sensing something from afar that was trying to catch up to the Worldship, that it could sense Dark Celestial's aura emanating from that entity... "Rarganorok the Devastator", the White Celestial immediately calling it the name of the entity.

For a while there was a sudden disturbances raising somewhere outside the ship... A few strange spheres has appeared and it turn out to be mysterious dark anomalious spheres cluttering around one spot heading towards the ships... "It's Ragnanorok's subminions, they are trying to find ways to bypass our defenses" - The white celestial said, answering for whatever is these spheres... And then another new attack wave arrives shortly after with unknown fighter crafts equipping with new kind of anti-capital blasters and lasers weaponry that are capable to outrange the Worldship's point defenses, these fighters are too small to be targeted by the Worldship's main weaponries system which appeared to be only designed to combat against medium-class Cruisers and large-class Capital ships... "The enemies has sent drone fighters and semi-minions operated crafts to attack this ship, our point defenses cannot take down these type of fighters craft and they are taking down our subsystem weaponries, your human beings must help me to drive out the forces away from the ship, we have our own fighter crafts waiting for you... We are not directly sending you out into the battlefield and letting there be casualties, instead we have our pilot chambers inside this ship that let your mind link up with our fighter crafts so you can direct them on their courses and targets. Only a few of you are chosen who are capable to operates this fighter bay system. My power has a limit and it bound me to only operates weaponry system and other main subsystems of this ship, so I cannot operates individual fighters on my own. My faith rest on you humans..."

After the celestial's word, the pilot chambers or more likely "remote psychic fighter craft operator" system immediately opens, and the humans immediately get themselves into the chambers... The system links up and the fighter craft which is not in the reserve line start to project a holograms inside each of them, which seems to appeared to be the projections of the pilot's minds and tooks in the shape of their former bodies... The fighter immediately launches themselves off the ship and the pilot's ghost seems to be maneuvering with them.

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