Feizhi Zhou

Feizhi as she appears in Golden Sun.

Species: Jenei
Element: Unknown, but most likely Jupiter (Air).
Gender: Female
Age: 16 at the time of Aeiou Wars.
Height: 157cm (5'2")
Weight: 73kg (160lb)
Golden Sun OST - Oriental ~ Xian Theme

Golden Sun OST - Oriental ~ Xian Theme

The Xian theme, Feizhi's hometown.


Feizhi's portrait from Golden Sun.

Feizhi is a resident Jupiter (air) Psynergy Adept from Xian, Angara. She has a forum emoticon in the form of  :feizhi: .

Pathfinding IssuesEdit

Due to potential brain damages from learning psynergy via targeted crystal to the forehead, Feizhi is very bad at pathfinding and often cannot find her way between pebbles or other minor obstacles, as demonstrated in Robert Joe's Rant Adventures. Feizhi occasionally manages to harness the magic power of potatoes to gain some degree of pathfinding, usually enough to traverse a few small obstacles before being blockaded by pebbles again.

OSLT CanonEdit

Feizhi reappears in the Or Something Like That fanfic series as a powerful magical girl serving under Richard the Traitor. As an officer-class, she did not have her soul removed from her body. Feizhi's wish was for pathfinding, but thanking to the contract's nature this applies only during magical girl or witch forms, and if not transformed retains her inability to walk around openly without aid.

Her magical girl form is extremely similar to her normal outfit, with only aesthetic changes designed to allow for more freedom of movement. Feizhi's preferred weapon is a superdense air blade capable of cutting and bashing, though she usually resorts to jupiter psynergy, kung-fu, and ki/force attacks. Her witch form, Madame Butterfly, retains these weapons and dons a white-and-red opera-like mask while laughing like Puella Magi Madoka Magica's Walpurgisnacht, but otherwise appears normal. Her barrier is a twisted city version of Xian populated by Colosso competitors and the magical girls and witches that serve under her, and she resides while witchified inside the central arena-zone defended by various magical defenses.

Feizhi is highly professional and skilled at enchanting in this incarnation, and creates magical artifacts and items on a regular basis, and offers officer-class and regular kyubey contracts. Feizhi generally led most of Valkyrie's attacks as Richard is often busy with Alex. Feizhi also scouts out the Foundation and Slynerf homeworlds, and is often treated as an anomaly that cannot be contained easily and invasive wildlife respectively. She has been reported to be stalking the unused housing area at Moonbase Alpha, but this is unconfirmed due to the inaccessability of said housing area.

She also sells Downloadable Drugs, specifically JohnMadden.exe, mostly at the Moonbase Alpha housing area where she fled after the downfall of Richard some time before the pre-Cerise-no-Thyme-incident hiatus.

Feizhi now works for Iael, assisting in slowing the progress of Unreason. She appeared during the Being Meguca Is Suffering RP in order to interrogate Kyubey and Richard as to their motives to invading the Sulnara Existentiate, presumably under pretense of how much damage it would cause if Lucifer-kun could make even cheaper Deals With The Devil.