Hark is a large oceanic planet with native Harkians, or maybe Harkinians if we feel like it. There are 4 small continents/islandchains/whathaveyous, and two of the smaller ones magically and pretty much mininuked it. There may be a 5th party that operates as a Gensokyo-like sealed grounds from one of the nuked places, and is used by the two surviving continent-nations to access the two places during cleanup attempts. It is the basis for the Hark RP as discussed in the Toast thread.


The magic system of this world that sets it apart from ours and gave magic more front work is ABCDE. A is positive, B is neutral-negative, C is neutral-positive and D is almost completely negative. E is completely neutral.

Magic Type A is Magic A. It is the base magic that is used as resource for magic. Freefloating mana. Several flower-like superfountains from Type C/E absorb various energy and matter to convert into Type A, Type C, and different energy and matter. Most magic is Type A or Type A powered simply because it is everywhere. Even non-flowerfountain lifeforms generally produce Type A if they are not associated with Type B or D.

Magic Type B is...Pollution, essentially. It is basically what occurs in unnaturally low magic zones to even it out, and especially when overly destructive spells create negative things, or in simple cases of mass overconsumption of everything else and any release of Type B. It is not normally used because it is not normally converted by the known spells, and only environmentalists or people who would otherwise work in Type B areas heavily use it, basically converting pollution into resources. Dangerously high amounts of Type B convert into Type D, and that is bad. Type B also tends to cause mutations and other alterations to those unprotectedly exposed and corrupted by it for long periods of time, though Type A release from natural magic processes from Harkians and similar lifeforms and all Type C lifeforms prevents this. Type B can be used as a substitute for Type A without conversion, but extremely bad things tend to happen.

Type C is basically fae and fairies and youkai and native faith gods and other hypernatural things. It is advanced Type A, and partially handles the city-size flower fountains that convert matter and energy into magic and if made to, back again. It is found normally in high Type A zones for obvious reasons. It is sometimes associated with Type E. Type C is used for heavy-but-not-that-heavy magic use and natural magics. Type C can be used as a substitute for A, but will generally overcharge it. Badly.

Type D is when pollution becomes eldritch. It is where excesses of Type B get...bad. Really bad. To the point where eldritch things poke through. Type C counters it to some extent by converting a good deal of it back to types B and A. Type D basically spawns baby Old One like beings. It is currently only found in the former capitol sites of the two magically obliterated continents, and is only found in dangerous quantities on the one that is not reached by the Gensokyo-like faction. Type D is only converted by C, E, and stronger B-to-A conversions which can only convert it to B.

Type E is mostly used only by the flower-fountain cities and spells after they leave the lifeform's cause, because most smaller lifeforms lack the energy supplies to do so. It is a specialized bit of really advanced Type C and others used to convert and post key large-scale reactions because it is complete mixing of these. Type E also handles some of the more overall stronger and dangerous magics, simply because it occurs in compact large quantities similar to Type A but more compact and specialized. Type E does things like conversion, grimoires/superweapons similar to Alice's book and nukes, and the overarching magic system. Using Type E as a substitute for C will work, but will overcharge it as C does to A. Using it as an A substitute is suicidal because it will likely explode in a blast of magic release from instability.

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