T.Infected LeaderEdit

Infect is currently an admin of the AEIOU Universe Forums. Hailing from SCC back in the day, and later, on the Fan Forums when Flashbacker transcended physical form (Because that is obviously what happened). Aspects of personality include, but are not limited to:

Being a walnut.

Being AFK for long periods of time without warning.

Simultaneously filling the role of Scumbag, and Good Guy Admin.

Probably being the guy with the most neutral opinion of certain communities that get a lot of flak from 12 year olds, for no reason other than the communities liking something that the 12 year olds do not.

Writing in long, pointless textwalls.

Filling out lists like I am now. (Because I am the one writing this)

Not planning to cause a massive war between two factions when the servers start to fill up.

Nope, totally not planning that.

Capitalising random words in the middle of a Sentence that he may or may not want to draw Attention to. (Minor UMCD )

AEIOU RoleEdit

Infect functions as the obligitory Abusive Admin, and the obligitory Good Guy Admin at random times, and sometimes Simultaneously. He can sometimes be seen halfway through overly massive and pointlessly huge projects that he never actually finishes, lending a Work in Progress feel to some of the servers, most of said projects, have never been located.

He has also been known to build random structures in the middle of nowhere, and just leave them there for someone to stumble upon, at which point he promptly claims he did not build them.

He was a leader of the shellcore faction in the now defunct SLYNERF League, and as such has an outpost in DINNER for no clear reason. If you did not notice, he is also the Infected Leader of ShellCore Command note.