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This page is a disorganized summary and collection of a small portion of some of the more popular bits of various Aeiou inside jokes. Many of these have spawned from RJRA and the time afterwards, though some occur independently and several exist from beforehand in various videogame spamming and modding and general fandom communities.

Nedben DisclaimerEdit

Everyone has a slightly different interpretation of the overarching aeiouniverse, though Nedben's stands out as the most complicated, insane, and generally deviant, along with multiple independent compositions and a general lack of grip on reality due to incoherent misinterpretation. In general, you may want to verify any statements from any given nedben unit (especially Nedben Prime) that do not sync with other information stated. The below heading does not cover pure-nedben interpretations, some of which are listed here instead.

  • The Or Something Like That continuity loosely exists (or existed, given its present state of hiatus for larger plot change) in a distant primarily unrelated packet to the overall RJRA-centric aeiouniverse
  • While bronies are mentioned as distantly existing in the setting, they too are in a distant primarily unrelated packet
  • Princess Celestia had an unwitting hand in creating part of Alex due to indigestion and shares Mia's extreme hatred of and desire to exterminate him.
  • Mia is Remilia Scarlet and Jenna is Flandre Scarlet, both from the Touhou Project. The short story responsible for this is that Mia got drunk and crashed a spaceship through time and space with Jenna to the late 1490s in Europe where they discovered the Fountain of Youth and vampires and took over from there for a while including through Gensokyo before heading back.
  • Aeiou Moonbase Alpha is in contact and diplomatic relations with the Lunarians in the Lunar Capitol for some reason.
  • King Harkinian is a member of the now mostly-defunct SLYNERF League.
  • Saturos is in a relationship with Byakuren Hijiri, despite the lack of reasons for this to be so and the general taboo nature of shipping very much on Aeiou.
  • Being killed is generally a very small damper on coming back on Aeiou (though this may be due to the relative insecurity of The Pit in YouTube Poop and easy access to all types of perfected resurrection magic), and being impossible is an equally small damper for things to happen. As a result, being a Mary Sue will get you nowhere besides Jennasnacht Out Of Season paradoxen since everyone can do that anyways.
  • DINNER is now the YTP equivalent of heaven.

Stuff (Feel Free To Add To)Edit

  • Jenna is an omnipotent fire and death goddess, and flat-out the strongest entity in all of Aeiou. She is considered to be the God of the Aeiou Universe, unless this conflicts with one's personal theological beliefs, of course.
  • The most serious explanation behind Jenna's extreme power is that she is both a technological Archailect and a magical Demigod. Although, unlike an AI God, the Jenna we see is not an avatar of another entity, and her computational power is completely self-contained, most likely due to Magitech. Of course, everyone knows that the true reason behind her is "Rule of Funny".
  • Mia became party leader and an interstellar empress. She also has a decent degree of power due to Jenna's obedience to her.
  • Mia is arguably a Demigod herself, and is most likely a Lesser Achailect. Although it should be noted that she is nowhere near as powerful as Jenna is in both of these categories.
  • Mia has been known to manipulate Robert Joe's accounts and speak though them at times. She usually denotes herself with bright blue text when she does this.
  • Jenna also does this from time to time. Although in most cases, she just attempts to scare Robert Joe by changing his text color to purple, or unconvincingly (At least to everyone other than Robert) claiming that she is Patchouli Knowledge. It should be noted that she is greatly angered by people attempting to "Ship" her with other characters, and will most likely eat anyone who tries this while she is present.
  • Both of the above characters are extremely popular.
  • Robert Joe is annoyed by copper and winter, although not anywhere near the levels that he used to be.
  • Spam, memes, spam memes, YouTube Poop and extensible community thereof, and other things are actually extremely canon most of the time even where contradictory or blatantly impossible unless otherwise noted.
  • Garet runs a drug ring alongside the RED Sniper and Hong Meiling, that primarily harvests nedbens for their potential uses as Magic Drugs.
  • Jenna and SCP-682 are best friends, and often eat D-Class personnel together. Additionally,  Jenna is friends with SCP-053. The RJRA editions of entities are distantly associated with BLU and the SCP Foundation.
  • Robert Joe appears to find most of the original RJRA especially the Minecraft segment onwards as "lame", due to its uncanny resemblance to modern comedy in celebrity abuse and tasteless misinterpretation moments by sheer accident rather than any given malignity. This does not mean it is noncanonical, it just means it is early installment weirdness.
  • Robert Joe is deathly afraid of Patchouli Knowledge, and will often panic and swear excessively if she is mentioned. He is also afraid of the color purple in general, although not to the same extent. Never mention Totoro, from "My Neighbor Totoro", in front of him. Pictures of Totoro are not acceptable either. Please do not torture him, or I will burn and kill and murder and burn and kill and fire and burn and homicide you all. <3 <3
  • Nedben is Orz, and is therefore not *Many Bubbles*, but happy *People Energy* from the *Outside*.
  • Robert Joe is a Chmmr, and in most RPs, a Chmmr that has reached Archailect-level singularities.
  • WolfWave also may or may not be Orz or a similar entity. She is also Sheogorath, or at least Ciogorath, and is rich. Note that wolf is rich in reality too.
  • TeoUltika is an Ultikan, who is a species who is often so depressed and insomniac that it does not even god. Teo seems to have gotten more of the insomniac side on occasions where he has severe bouts of insomnia.
  • Infect/OmegaMinion is the Infected Leader of ShellCore Command fame, though around before and during parts of RJRA he had a non-seriousness period of bad internet grammar and spelling errors, though he has since recovered.
  • Infect/Omegaminion is known for destroying things, usually by spamming nukes. This is most evident on the Minecraft servers.
  • Nedben, Infect/Omegaminion, and Robert Joe all appear to be completely unfazed by Eldritch Abominations. With the former actually being capable of decreasing their sanity.
  • For the most part, Aeiou has no canon. Certain people believe some parts of it, and others do not. For instance, Robert Joe does not like making any connections to Brony content, whereas others do not mind. Some concepts like the main characters (Mia, Jenna, King Harkinian, ect), still apply universally across all canons, though.
  • The term "MLG1337PR0" refers to a person who obsessively plays first-person shooter games (Usually, but not always those of the Call of Duty series), insists that they posses "m4d skillz", and commonly perform "1337 trickz" like "360 noscopez" and similar. Other Mlg1337pr0 characteristics include an obsession with Mountain Dew and/or Doritos, extremely poor grammar and spelling, and excessive rage over minor losses in games. Note that merely liking and frequently playing first-person shooter games does not make one an Mlg1337pr0 by any means.
  • Mlg1337pr0s are a species of Daedra.
  • Fangirls and fanboys may or may not also be daedric entities of a similar species to mlg1337pr0.
  • Darty11 creates minecraft mods related to snow.
  • Robert Joe has been known to experience runtime errors and bluescreens of death when presented with various subjects. Usually said subjects are anime, shipping, or similar.
  • Bronies, furries, and fandoms which generally get more flak than normal fandoms generally should use the SCP Containment Site-999 9 9 9 9 forum to avoid needing to post topic disclaimers about sensitive topics.
  • Many Aeiou members like to have massive amounts of game modifications to videogames they play.
  • Many Aeiou senior members have different tastes in entertainment, and thus will have completely different reference pools in some areas.
  • Saturos and Menardi keep respawning (probably as a result of the utterly massive overkill damages from winning the initial battle in RJRA's Golden Sun segment with use of Dr. Hax making their later inevitable villain deaths seem unlikely to be something they can't recover from).
  • The Aeiouniverse is to some extent an extensible pool of material and a worldbuilding experiment, thus characters are implied to exist as characters in their work outside of what is shown.
  • There is a highly complicated theoretical analysis of various works to cobble together the overarching Aeiouniverse, so crossover management is really a matter of boundaries and discretion. You may want to ask a senior member about how far this undernoted supercrossover works and exists.
  • Robert Joe is obsessed with tanks. And to a lesser extent, unmanned vehicles, night vision, and Sanic Hegehog.
  • Feizhi is bad at pathfinding.
  • John Madden Football, JoJ HoH SiS Foundation Repair and other accompaniment communications are a common thing.
  • Aeiou has a complicated series of lore, creatures, characters, entities, and other things. Just saying.
  • The Doctress is the only major OSLT-originating character who is referred to by people outside of OSLT (mostly when referring to or commenting on Nedben's insanity issues).
  • Robert Joe is a Chmmr AI run on RobertOS.
  • WolfWave is PoLIC, along with Sheba.
  • For no real rasin we somtimes replace the word reason with rasin
  • The !requestadmin command from MegaeraAI the chatbot is used to (attempt and often fail but occasionally succeeding towards) summoning Robert Joe, despite the fact the bot is not online and thus isn't creating the noise on Robert Joe's end.