Jenna Talia

Jenna's post-Aeiou Wars appearance.

Species: Archailect/God (Masquerades  as and identifies as Jenei)
Element: Mars (Fire)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown. Likely eternal.
Height: Varies greatly. Lowest and most commonly being 6 meters, highest recorded being approximately 500,000 kilometers.
Weight: Varies by size. Most likely incredibly light, thanks to Clarketech materials and the Square-Cube Law.


- Jennaists preaching to Her Fireiness, much to the annoyance of Jenna herself.

Jenna is the ultraviolent pyromaniac cannibal mascot of Aeiou and RJRA, and an extreme Memetic Mutation of the Original Golden Sun Jenna. She is a hybrid of a technological Archailect and a magical Deity, and is God in the Aeiou Universe. She identifies as a Mars Adept from Vale, Angara on Weyard.


Jenna appeared in Robert Joe's Rant Adventures. Jenna apparently has had several genetic
Golden Sun-Jenna's Theme

Golden Sun-Jenna's Theme

Jenna's Theme


The cute and lovable Jenna, seen here about to devour someone.

and nanoaugmentations to amplify her pyromania and psychological trauma from the family split caused by the events of Golden Sun, which resulted in her gaining height and strength during the Minecraft plot arc, as well as granting her enough power to forcibly merge magic systems, narration, and technology, and likely merging her with Iris' faith pool for divine power, demonstrated by her modification of her flamethrower into her staff to create a better flamethrower. If a Fire Stone or similar improvement-triggering device was acquired during the Pokemon Emerald arc, she may see further evolution should it be applied. Jenna's skin is primarily augmented by carbon nanotube, other synthetic materials, and fire resistance materials, and her blood is mostly an advanced synthetic mixture and lava. She is also apparently the BLU Pyro, and close long-time friends with 

The results of Sheba's analysis of Jenna's "disturbing" mind.


What the hell IS her family name?

Painis Cupcake. According to the same mental analysis that revealed this, she may have a "thing" for Isaac, but what exactly this is remains unconfirmed besides she "thought he was cute or something" and it is likely unrelated to eating him. The part of the human body that she considers most delicious is the arm. Sheba, who performed the analysis, finds Jenna's mind "disgusting", likely due to the immense amount of fire, murder, and cannibalism that is processed regularly. She has repeatedly mentioned that Blazes would make good pets due to their natural fire, but kills them anyways. She has also grown at least one Cinderpearl as a houseplant and owns at least one fire-shooting trap, a set of chainmail armor made from fire, fire, her Golden Sun starting equipment, a China Lake, lava, buckets of lava, a mounted Silverwingedseraph head, some TNT, gold and items looted from the civlizations encountered during the Pokemon Emerald and Civilization III plot arcs, and some cultist drops. Her list of casualties from diet so far includes at the very least some villagers, several Scarlet Raider cultists, Saturos, possibly Menardi, multiple Alex dead ringer replicants, several clones of Silverwingedseraph, and several RED Spies.

She has been known to induce nightmares in the members of the RJRA cast, mostly Sheba. It is not known if this is part of her various abilities or simply how terrifying she is.

Outside of RJRA, she has also become a Foundation Agent and is marked as a known 'Super' Keter SCP. Jenna also owns a few pieces of property in SimNation that are connected via portal to her divine planar residence of fire, murder, and cannibalism and can use it to store things and recharge her fire reserves, and camped once near Helgen in the Fourth Era shortly before Alduin attacked. She also has at least one dragon soul as a result of that incident and can act as a Dragonborn whenever needed. She also knows at the very least Unrelenting Force, Clear Skies, Fire Breath, a basic magicka-based fire spell, a basic magicka-based healing spell, and owns a small fort outside of Whiterun as a result of this incident. From another incident outside of RJRA, she has apparently learned how to enter Gensokyo and occasionally participates in human-eating and arson incidents, often using SCP-586 to disguise herself as Flandre Scarlet. It is unknown exactly how and why this occured, but she did learn Hax Sign "Burn Everything" (modified into Fire Sign "Burn Everything!") and basic danmaku from this. She may be the one who buried Alex in a locker in a delerict space station (Alex was later recovered in a Federation Kestrel) as she likely participated in the design of the Fire Bomb and Fire Starting Laser designs in FTL the game. She also has been to Equestria to assist in the burning of Alex repeatedly, though it is unknown if she has explored the country beyond this (Although it should be noted that Brony-disliking members consider this to not be true). Jenna may also be one of the final intended results of the Weyard Project, though it is not known if a super-soldier program with neodynarri field commanders overseen by the Weyard Panel led by the Wise One is the actual intended process.


The modern Jenna is known for constantly speaking in Caps Lock, even rivaling the late and great Billy Mays in this aspect. She also swears excessively, and constantly makes references to fire, cannibalism, or other violent acts. She is also incredibly redundant in her speech at times, usually when it comes to referencing fire.

If Jenna is using text to communicate, it will always be bright red, bold, all caps, and in the largest font available on the current platform.

An example would be the following. Where a normal person would say:

"I went to the store today."

Jenna would say:



Jenna recounts her adventures as the BLU Pyro.


Jenna is the patron deity of Jennaism, a war philosophy of violence, cannibalism, and pyromania. This religion is full of Jenna lookalikes and fire elementals. Its clergy are the Priestesses of Jenna, headed by Tessa the RED Pyro who resembles Jenna in many aspects except deification, blue color scheme, and size. Jenna's shrines usually involve lots of fire and lava and mass destruction and violence. Practicioners are referred to as Jennaists. Low ranking Jennaist priestesses are similar to the magical girl Kyoko Sakura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica except in contract-related respects. Medium rank Jennaist priestesses resemble Sasha Braus from Attack on Titan. The high ranking Jennaist priestesses usually resemble Jenna herself very closely. Practitioners vary in many respects, but Jenna's word being law and fire, violence, and often cannibalism being their main goals are the major constants. Jenna's words are recorded in Robert Joe's Rant Adventures, the controversial text. Jennaism has been known to coincide with religions normally known for pacifism or non-extremism or simply nonviolence in general, resulting in Jennaistic versions of religions. Jennaist apocrypha writings are those not featured in RJRA proper, such as the Book of Narf. These apocryphical writings often detail parts of the RJRA adventure left off-camera, or Jenna's other adventures as the BLU Pyro.

On a related note, Jenna wants to teach people about fire, murder, and cannibalism, and has attempted to do so with Felix with no success and Atteson (Check spelling) (Occasionally misspelled Atesson and other ways) the Jennaist on the Minecraft server with far more success. At least one Jennaist shrine has been constructed in the wilderness of Minecraftia, and a more accessible one exists in the form of a Jenna statue and Atteson's house in Spawn City, which was destroyed in an unrelated nuclear accident that is Nedben's fault.

The Book of Polaris is the most accessible summary of Jennaism.

Jennaists are sometimes referred to as Adherents of the Flame, though this may be a specific sect.

The Jennaist Communion is a politically active organization in the NationStates branch of Orzic Nedbens, Nedben's country.

Oddly, Jenna herself is an anti-theist, and actually denounces those who worship her. However, she usually does not bother them otherwise, as she is extremely apathetic.


  • The most serious explanation behind Jenna's power is that she is both a technological Archailect and a magical Demigod. The real explanation is "Rule of Funny", though.
  • Jenna's size varies completely from even scene-to-scene in RJRA. Although, she is never smaller than about twice the size of a common person. It should be noted that the modern, post-RJRA Jenna uses a modified KOL Beta (Super-heavy capital-class warship) as an assault rifle, yet is sometimes small enough to fit within large hangar-like structures. Due to these facts, it is assumed that she can change her size at will.
  • While Jenna will obsessively eat and burn pretty much any non-protagonist in sight, she will actually not kill someone if they ask her not to nicely enough. Assuming that they are not an antagonist, of course.
  • Jenna is known to rarely not like the way that certain people taste, and will refuse to eat them, resorting to buring them instead. The only known instances of this occurring are with Alex and the Irate Gamer.
  • Jenna is known to work part-time at the Foundation mostly for purposes of emergency terminations of SCP items and the monthly D-class turnover.
  • Jenna was challenged to a battle by Catman, of Golden Sunrise. She decided not to fight him, as she was too lazy to do so, and did not care about winning or losing on a technicality.
  • Jenna occasionally appears during OSLT as an unnamed 'maiden in scarlet' or other derivatives of girl-wearing-red, Flandre Scarlet, and occasionally as outright Jenna. She is occasionally referred to as Banhammer of God by some entities, though the origin of this title unless Jenna is also a literal divine banhammer is unknown.
  • Jenna's full name is quite obviously an immature pun. This was originally a background joke in RJRA, but it was later upgraded to full-canon status due to a lack of creativity with naming.
  • The Aeiou member, Mizuki, is rumored to be the Jennavarine, sharing similar tastes in which part of the human body tastes the best, the parting saying "Don't die", her affinity towards fire and murder and murder and fire, and her love of the color red, profanity, and caps lock.

It's Flandre Scarlet, one of Jenna's substrates.

  • Jenna keeps a bunch of disguise forms for no reason, which manifest independently as jennates and archjennates of the jennata.
  • Jenna is the military commander of Aeiouia, but almost never has to do anything related to that due to the pacifistic nature of that country.
    EoSD Extra Stage Boss - Flandre Scarlet's Theme - U.N

    EoSD Extra Stage Boss - Flandre Scarlet's Theme - U.N. Owen was her?

    U.N. Owen Was Her is tangentally associated with Aeiou Jenna as she is secretly Flandre Scarlet.


    Jenna's Aeiouia sprite in Poorly Drawn Desk Lady art style, made by Robert Joe.