Mia Utopia

Mia's post-Aeiou Wars appearance.

Species: Archailect (Originally Jenei)
Element: Mercury (Water)
Gender: Female
Age: 563, at the time of Mia Utopia's Rant Adventures.
Height: 155.8m (511' 4")
Weight: 73,976kg (16,3089lb)

"She is an alcohol-powered Alex killing machine, with Foreign Accent Syndrome." Edit

- Robert Joe, trying to describe the Aeiou version of Mia in one sentence.

Aeiou Mia is a rather extreme Memetic Mutation of the Original Golden Sun Mia. She was a Jenei (Also known as an "Adept") who is bestowed with Mercury(Water)-aligned abilities.

Mia had a leading role in Robert Joe's Rant Adventures, and is commonly referenced on Aeiou.

Character SummaryEdit

Unlike in Golden Sun (Where she gets little screen-time), Mia is depicted as what is essentially a German Medic who has serious drinking problems on Aeiou. She is known to be violent and occasionally even disturbing (Although nowhere near the levels of Jenna) at times, and has a tendency to call anyone or anything that she dislikes a "Dummkopf".

Mia is fluent in both English and German, despite not knowing what England or Germany are, nor even grasping the concept of multiple languages. Additionally, she speaks in a heavy German accent, this accent even inexplicably carries over to written text. For instance, the following phrase written normally would appear as:

"Uh.. yes, this IS the resupply vessel. What do you need resupplied?"

If Mia were to state the exact same phrase, it would end up being:

"Uh, ja, zis IS ze vesupply fessel. Vhat do you need supplied, Dummkopf?"

Being a Mercury Jenei, Mia has extremely powerful healing abilities. Although she is rarely seen using them, much preferring to watch people suffer most of the time, since she usually considers the person in question to be a "Dummkopf". Mia has also displayed extensive knowledge of scientific medical practices in addition to her magic-based healing Psynergy.

Mia is also known for her drinking habits, as she will drink any kind of alcoholic substance she can acquire in order to get drunk, and often does so at inopportune times. Mia owns a brewery supposedly under the Mercury Lighthouse, though she only uses it to get more alcohol.


Mia's kiosk on the Minecraft server.

Mia currently appears on the Minecraft Server as a greeter who hands out flyers. She is not too happy with this, considering the fact that she considers most people to be "Dummkopfs", and that her kiosk is also home to Space Core (Who annoys her to no end).

Mia also operates the consoles on Aeiou servers, and will often get annoyed if someone is being a "Dummkopf".

Mia violently hates her (possibly false) cousin Alex, who betrayed her and the Mercury Clan by breaking their ancestral oath and opening then lighting the Mercury Lighthouse. This has been taken to comical levels, complete with Mia having extreme murder plans for him which have been executed to various lengths, though as of yet have failed at killing him with any permanence, especially due to his Spy powers and Golden Sun abilities.

In addition to Alex, Mia seems to have an unhealthy obsession with torturing people in general. While most of this is usually directed at Alex, she will happily interrogate hostile or otherwise questionable individuals if given even the slightest chance, as has happened a few times in the original RJRA series.

Mia is also a technical Foundation doctor at Site [REDACTED] in charge of aeiou SCP items. Mia went to TF2 college and majored in Medic and minored in Engineer and Demoman. Her thesis was "On Why Alex is a Dummkopf And We Must Torture Him To Death, Repeatedly.". She got her doctorate with a standing ovation and uninanimous agreement. On a related note, she has been known to use the spellcard Dog Sign "Icicle Water", mentioned repeatedly in said thesis and used to demonstrate the ideal methods to kill Alex.

She has been known to hijack the Chmmr communications lines to manipulate Robert Joe to some extent, though it is not known why she does this.

Back when she was a Jenei, an oddity with Mia was the fact that she was abnormally tall. Which is extremely weird, as most Jenei tend to be somewhat shorter than humans.

In several alternate universes, primarily those where Mia was skipped through use of a Golden Sun cheating glitch, she was able to finish the Taalo supersoldier project with Jenna and become the ruler of a renewed Sentient Milieu after constructing the effective equivalent of the New Alliance of Free Stars with all possible allies plus the Taalo and several other groups. It is not known why this commonly happens, though as she is an extremely effective and benevolent ruler and happens to have created an utopian society by destroying all the threats known and unknown with almost no losses whatsoever through excessive application of Jenna as a debug tool, there are no real issues with it happening.

Mia is also the Overseer of Government in Aeiouia and thus rules it through manipulating Robert Joe.

Disguises Edit

Mia has a number of forms to better hurt Alex with. Here are some of them.
EoSD Stage 6 Boss - Remilia Scarlet's Theme - Septette for the Dead Princess

EoSD Stage 6 Boss - Remilia Scarlet's Theme - Septette for the Dead Princess

Mia's Remilia Mode theme song.


Mia's Remilia Scarlet mode, as seen in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.


Mia's XxXxXMLG_360_NO_SCOPE_POTIONXxXxX form, known as xXX_$wag_Matriarch_420_XXx.

Golden Sun The Lost Age - Battle Scene Final Boss - Drumstep dj-Jo Remix

Golden Sun The Lost Age - Battle Scene Final Boss - Drumstep dj-Jo Remix

MLG Mia's theme song effect.


Mia's portrait in Poorly Drawn Desk Lady art style by Robert Joe. She is represented by this sprite in Aeiouia.