Everything that you need to know Edit

A newer member, but originally growing in influence before her reveal. Mainly due to her relationship with Robert Joe, but also from her being the Jennavarine. She has read the entirety of Robert Joe's Rant Adventures and was instrumental in somehow convincing him into restarting it using Mia Utopia as the main character. She is a film student and makes videos, though not like Robert Joe used to make YouTube Poops.

She could, until she left, often be seen spamming the AEIOU chatbox under the name "Caralyna" mostly using the !requestadmin command so that Megaera can play a loud Star Control sound over RJ's speakers for hours on end. For some reason, she adores this sound, but only when hearing it through calls over Robert Joe's speakers.

Also is rumored to also own the "Jenna" account on AEIOU, but this has not been confirmed.

Relationship with Jenna: Edit

Currently, Mizuki is rumored to be the Jennavarine, due to sharing similar tastes in which part of the human body tastes the best, the parting saying "Don't die", her affinity towards fire and murder and murder and fire, and her love of the color red, profanity, and caps lock.

Eventually she may mega-evolve into Jenna, but this may or may not happen due to the existence of her moirail Robert Joe, who somehow prevents her from extensively burning and killing and burning and fire and burning and red and pretty and fire and cannibalism. Yet again, this is a fact that cannot be explained, nor do we search for an explanation.

Trivia and Factoids: Edit

  • Mizuki is a fairly large fan of the Legend of Zelda, Persona, and Golden Sun when talking about video games. She is obsessed with instrumental and video game music, as well as listening to Imogen Heap.
  • The current video project she is working on is a "Me the Machine" music video to supplement her term paper about Alan Turing. She is also in a group working on a "Livin' on a Prayer" comedy skit, though this video was not necessarily her idea.
  • The only thing that can ever calm her down from going on a murderous rampage is Robert Joe, though sometimes even that has failed. Aeiouian repair drones were not pleased.
  • For some reason, she will only read classic literature that involves lots of blood. She is becoming Jenna faster than we had expected.
  • She somewhat understands Nedben but hardly understands the language when Homestuck is involved.
  • She is Robert Joe's enabler when it comes to airhorn sounds and Mia's supplier of Jack Daniel's whisky. We do not discuss either of these business agreements.

Famous Quotes that make Robert Joe laugh: Edit

  • "You like shields; I like fucking people up." In reference to RJ's defense oriented fighting style.
  • "BURN AND BURN AND FIRE AND BURN AND CANNIBALISM" For her Nationstates profile and also attempts to MegaEvolve into Jenna.
  • "They would think that following Iris is like Hinduism or something." On making Jennaism a legitimate religion.
  • "Bitch, I made science; I didn't make you." On Iris's fascination with science and hatred of those who hate science.
  • "Apparently if you are a boy scout in summer camp, you go jack off in the woods. It's probably like a badge or something." On a guy that said he jizzed in the woods on a trip to Kia Kima.
  • "One of my friends is willingly letting me eat his arm. He's a Jennaist." On one of her friends who said to 'nom his arm' instead of poking him due to boredom.

Downfall Edit

It was revealed at some point that she neither had multiple personality disorder or actually enjoyed Robert Joe, which caused the relationship to break off and her to leave.