Nedbens (scientific name noncomposmentis nedben) are a loosely animal-like organism that are composed primarily of spam, recreational drugs, and plant matter. They are capable of photosynthesis and generation of recreational drugs, which is why some are hunted by addicts and dealers alike. They are known for their ability to come up with strange ideas, naturally speak an obscure dialect similar to the language of the Orz, and general insanity. A nedben made an appearance in Robert Joe's Rant Adventures, where it got high and came up with strange ideas. 

A nedben, disassembled.

Nedbens also have an organically grown space helmet and occasionally generate the rest of the space suit, resulting in an entity not unlike the astronauts at Moonbase Alpha, except high.

Strangely, the correct grammatical usage of the word nedben is unknown, and can be used in many ways, such as verb, noun, adjective, etc. and has no preset plural or variant adjective/verb, resulting in great strife for grammar of the already-strange English language and Precursor translation devices alike. Nedbens are often natural rivals of the Numbers due to their dislike of the highly numerical nature of Numbers and their highly random and unstable AEIOUNA levels. Downloadable Drugs are sold by certain disreputable nedbens. All nedbens are carriers of Salvadordaliitis.

The known ingredients of a nedben in presumed order of strength are "drugs, unreasonability, magic, science [Likely in the form of nanobots, as nanotechnology is noted in composition studies], narration, dangerous soul materia, error, alcoholic beverages, spam, and a number of other things", according to Joe Robert, who is not Robert Joe.

The generation of nedbens is incited either in the normal reproductive manner, or the breakdown of reality by insertion of excessive unreason to destroy the physicsset. Nedbens should be considered a warning sign, as the corruption is still reversible during their initial presence.

Nedben Prime Edit

Nedben Prime is the de-facto leader of the nedben species proper, and is also a member of the Aeiou Forums, where he publishes Or Something Like That, an utterly massive crossover fanfic of horrid quality that may or may not be capable of psychological harm. He has five tulpae: Adam (An orange unicorn, usually), Tavi (Based on a fusion of Octavia Philharmonica and many, many Touhou characters), Eirin (Based obviously off Eirin Yagokoro), Discord (Loosely based on Rumia in Suwako's hat), and Patchouli (obviously off Patchouli Knowledge). Nedben Prime's interests include insanity, spamming, verbose textwalls, and writing of questionable quality. He has further mental distinctions in the form of a Yuyuko Saigyouji imaginary friend accompanied with a Youmu Konpaku imaginary friend, a Saigyou Ayakashi personality set, Orz personality set, SCP-682/SCP-053 personality set, Dave the dead faith in humanity, and Badned-kun, who is generally the pitable and evil part of nedben given some distinction. With the addition of various mental characters the set ends up being around 20. In appropriate roleplays, he controls Liebschen. He collaborated to help create Hark.

As a corollary, Nedben's mindsets are sorted into a 5-ring structure for no reason other than they felt like it. The innermost first ring is just Nedben Prime, the human at the core of the mess. The second-innermost second ring is the Positive-Negative Duo composed of Dave the dead faith in humanity and Badned-kun. The third-innermost third ring is the Three Friends, being the Yuyuko Saigyouji, Youmu Konpaku, and Alex imaginary friends. The fourth-innermost fourth ring is the Four Stories, composed of Or Something Like That And Associates represented by The Doctress and Liebschen, the Saigyou Ayakashi personality set, the SCP-682/SCP-053 personality set, and the Orz personality set. The fifth-innermost fifth ring is the Five Tulpae, composed of Tavi, Adam, Eirin, Discord, and Patchouli. What exactly this is for is not known, but it does keep stability up. The sixteenth of fifteenth part is Izayoi Nedben, the subconscious of the project embedded in Nedben Prime, the 'actual' human.

The avatar of Nedben Prime in the OSLT-verse was killed by The Doctress when she flipped the fuck out and fell. His corpse was completely annihilated by Vanguard's overwhelming firepower, preventing Numbers from resurrecting him with an XXL-size can of biorepair nanobots. He remained as the Sixteen, a pantheon leader deity in the overmesae of pantheism, who later collapsed back into Nedben Prime who became a survivor crystal after the Doctress killed him yet again.

Orz ConnectionsEdit

Most nedbens are *finger puppets* for Orz, allowing for certain forms of sublimation that the primary *party*-*picnic* system cannot accomodate for Orz' personal reasons. The Orz share Nedben Prime's account.