Youtube Poop Robotnik Has a Tea Party With the Cheetahmen

Youtube Poop Robotnik Has a Tea Party With the Cheetahmen

One of Robert Joe's YTP episodes.


A loose rendition of Robert Joe, featuring his cyborg monocle.

Robert Joe is the engineer who runs the Minecraft servers, Moonbase Alpha server, and other minecraft servers. He also wrote Robert Joe's Rant Adventures as well as founding the Aeiou Forum. He did not like winter or copper but is more indifferent towards it now. He is inventing "Ionic Fuel Stabilization", colloquially referred to as 'forcefields' by Aeiouians, to replace Faraday Cages. He is deeply terrified by Totoro, is freaked out by Kyubey from "Madokia Magico", and does not like Djinni from Golden Sun because they are so adorable that they are hiding something. As a Chmmr, he dislikes the Ur-Quan for what they do because they are evil, but not as evil as cute things. He invented the Poorly Drawn Desk Lady style. 

Robert Joe = Alan Turing + Dank memes + Golden Sun. 

Role in RJRAEdit

Robert Joe directed and wrote Robert Joe's Rant Adventures, likely serving as cameraman and god mod plot creator despite also having sandbox elements.

Aeiou Role and TriviaEdit

Robert Joe serves as an administrator on the forums and used to occasionally make YTP. Due to this, his AEIOUNA level is often very high. Robert Joe usually wears a monocle and is accompanied by Mia and Jenna.

As a Chmmr, Robert Joe is capable of entering a robotic and highly logical state, especially when confronted with illogical and simultaneously unfunny matters.

The human avatar that the Chmmr use through Robert Joe in fictional settings that looks and acts and is basically a stunt double of Robert Joe is sometimes referred to as Robert Joe 2 in jokes.

Robert Joe is replaced by Captain Robert Cyberbeard on Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Robert Joe also runs the nation of Aeiouia on NationStates.

Robert Joe, despite being an aromantic, somehow was involved with a relationship with Mizuki. The Aeiou world is still puzzled by this event. Nedben believes this to be a moiraillegiance, though the technical term for their relationship appears to be a self-described "Most Valued Allies" partnership on the scale between moirails and parabatai. This ended when Mizuki was revealed to be 'faking it' and emotionally toying with him. In general, he is aromantic and asexual but will pretend to be default hetero in order to avoid being associated with people.

He discovered the Thomas page.