Dr. Hax is used as a summon to win the normally-unbeatable prologue battle in Golden Sun.

Robert Joe's Rant Adventures is a non-serious Let's Play series that created many of the inside jokes present in the Aeiou community to this day. It is obviously made by Robert Joe. It can be found here.


Robert Joe's Rant Adventures was originally a Let's Play of Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age, obviously run by Robert Joe, on the Shellcore Command Forums. It was started on the third of April, 2012.

The Let's Play series deviated a bit from the style of regular forum Let's Plays, as it allowed copious amounts of stupidity, which would be represented with poorly-Photoshopped screenshots.

The series gained a large following (At least for a small forum), and possessed many inside jokes. Once it completed Golden Sun The Lost Age, Robert Joe decided to continue it under the name "Robert Joe's Rant Adventures".

In this early screenshot from RJRA, Infect scares Saturos and Menardi.

The series went on to Pokemon Emerald, and gained a quasi-storyline of sorts. Eventually, new RJRA-unique antagonists appeared, and the quality of the screenshots improved as Robert became more proficient with video game modding. After Pokemon Emerald, the series continued to Minecraft with the single-player Technic Modpack. At this point, a Minecraft Server was created for a multi-player project in the series, and the server later remained to take on a life of its own.

The series then went to Civilization III, and then started with Star Control II, but was discontinued shortly after, as Robert Joe stated that he has moved on from it, and now finds it to be "Lame". However, he also said that he may launch a similar series using the same characters at some point, eventually culminating in Aeiou Wars, an RJRA-version of Advance Wars.

The original thread is 369 pages long (3689 posts), and the brief continuation thread is 2 pages long (22 posts).

Notable RJRA CharactersEdit


The cute and lovable Jenna, seen here about to devour someone.

  • Garet

Notable ConflictsEdit

The Minecraft server was launched for the purpose of creating the Project Moon ship, which was going to be used frequently in RJRA. Ion496 did a majority of the work on it. However, following the series of major conflicts on the Shellcore Command Forums, he sent a private message to Robert Joe demanding that he cease using images of his creation in the series. Robert Joe complied and created a new sprite of the ship from scratch.

During the early Minecraft section of RJRA, a few scenes were depicted with SilverWingedSeaph, a somewhat-disliked (Amongst the members of the Shellcore Command Forums) admin of the Battleships Forever Forums, being made fun of in various ways.

At a much later date, SilverWingedSeraph found the series, and was quite creeped-out with how he was depicted. Robert Joe issued an apology, also stating that he now dislikes the early RJRA series, and SilverWingedSeraph accepted it. Luckily, this conflict was resolved quite easily.