"I don't do drugs. I AM drugs." -Salvador Dali

Salvadordaliitis is a rare aeiou genetic condition that, through various mental problems and critically imbalanced brain chemistry, causes the body to naturally generate drugs. Nedbens are natural carriers of Salvadordaliitis due to being made of drugs. Those who are affected by Salvadordaliitis do not experience most of the negative side effects of drug abuse, but those who use drug samples extracted from the entity will. Afflicted people often appear to be high for no discernable reason and have massive amounts of drugs in their body despite never having taken any. The accompaniment of mental disorders often makes the afflicted even harder to comprehend, but it does wonders for creativity in the exact opposite manner normal drug abuse works. Salvadordaliitis is also known as the Nedben Condition. Some cases display other plantlike properties such as photosynthesis, which usually manifests as a series of 'head leaves' as nedbens have beneath their space helmet.

Disorders caused by Salvadordaliitis are known to include

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Regular depression
  • Desire to eat inedible objects
  • Vulnerability to extradimensional entities, faith-based spirits, eldritch abominations, fairies, etc.
  • Critical and general insanity
  • Hallucinative disorders (including latent schizophrenia)
  • Ear worms (getting music stuck in head constantly)
  • Violence disorder
  • Personality disorders, primarily aggressive personality, antisocial/distant personality, and ESPECIALLY so dependent personality.
  • Random breakdown episodes for no discernable reason and no apparent triggers
  • Extreme weakness to family members, especially mothers
  • Explosive/corrosive/poisonous/deadly/harmful/acidic/violent/implosive/generally dangerous soul disorder

Side effects afflicted DO display are:

  • Illness caused as a side effect of the drugs weakening the body's immune system and strengthening the resolve of bacteria, viruses, and parasites to invade.
  • Getting high. VERY high.
  • Mental illness in general, amplified by the preexisting conditions.
  • Some degree of physical weakness
  • Absurd movement
  • Spotaneous violence
  • Hallucinations
  • Unusual body function speed, though not lethal and most vital functions remain in proper time
  • Breathing obstruction problems if exposed to smokers or secondhand smoke for any length of time
  • Dangerous soul disorder
  • Generally making no sense.
  • Episodes of extreme imagination and incoherent rambling, as well as obscenely unusual ideas in a constant stream, especially those based on 'idea cancer' improper expansion upon other ideas.

Salvadordaliitis also amplifies and combines other mental disorders and generally stacks. Afflicted entities rationally fear being smoked, snorted, or eaten for drugs. This may cause the condition to be transmitted (though it usually is non-transmissible to other entities in all cases) through infected diseases. Salvadordaliitis is usually limited to lifeforms due to its genetic nature. It is not known if it is exclusive to carbon-based lifeforms and those who use them or if it is transmissible to silicon-based and other lifeforms. Curing Salvadordaliitis is not possible without large amounts of gene therapy as well as anti-withdrawal comas, because the body will suffer horribly and possibly explode violently in a gory acidball from withdrawal. Due to the chance of spotaneous combustion and/or acidic gore bombs, curing Salvadordaliitis is not recommended.