A beautiful and majestic Sawneek in its natural habitat.

Sawneeks are one of nature's most beautiful creatures, and are breathtaking sights in the wild.

Sawneek BiologyEdit

Sawneeks are majestic creatures that are characterized by their squiggly arms and legs of various lengths, and their signature blue color.

Sawneeks are herbivores, eating only Reigns, and on rare occasion, Chess Emaralds.

They are an endangered species, due to the fact that many have been hunted to great lengths for their Shinyz and Regns.


A Sawneek and its young return to their nest to prepare a meal of Regns.

Many sub-species of Sawneek exist, and will be documented as they are discovered.

While Sawneeks are a similar species of Hegehog, they are not to be confused with Sanics.

Sawneek HistoryEdit

Sawneeks were first discovered on the Minecraft server during the first days of Forge. A lone Sawneek was sighted just outside a purposed area for the new spawn location.

Since then, Sawneek habitats have been created all throughout Aeiou, and the number of the majestic creatures has thankfully been on the rise, although they are still endangered.

Sawneek Mobs are going to be added to a later version of the Aeiou Mod.

Notable Sawneek Sub-SpeciesEdit

Modarn Sawneek