UMCD, or Unnecessary Midsentence Capitalization Disorder, is a medical condition associated with (as the name indicates) completely unnecessary capitalization of words in the middle of a sentence, completely unknown to the victim until inquired about or seen, and possibly against the conscious will of the victim. It is unknown what causes it, though it is prevalent across Planet Pokemon during Robert Joe's Rant Adventures. It should be noted, that unlike capslock or Kanaya Maryam's typing quirk (though it could most certainly manifest in those forms in critical cases) this is completely on the end of some force affecting the typist, not their own will or a computer setting.

Known sufferers include

  • May (major)
  • Infect (minor)
  • Numbers (minor)
  • The entirety of Planet Pokemon (with the possible exception of the Devon Corporation president and various people not talked to directly, and some Nurse Joys, as well as other actual pokemon, all or almost all major.)

The condition itself manifests in two primary forms, minor and major.

Minor UMCD is limited to certain words' opening letter that require attention, begin a grouping of words, or are otherwise important, and is limited solely to typing and occasionally written contact. In its most critical form, it is effectively Kanaya's typing quirk with the addition of punctuation in regular terminology, with every last word's starting letter capitalized regardless of placement with the possible exception of name words that absolutely must start with lowercase (ex. zHamhm) or certain proper nouns.

Major UMCD is not limited to written or typed contact and extends to speech in the form of screaming affected words "at the top of your lungs" or otherwise loudly. It manifests in the form of certain words (especially those related to Pokemon terminology) being in capslock, with the exception of certain letter forms that are not standard to be capitalized (ex. the e in Pokemon with its ` symbol), at least until critical stages. In critical stages, absolutely everything the afflicted says or communicates via written text is in complete capslock wherever possible, and almost anything thay say is said as loudly as possible. In written or typed form, major UMCD-affected text is punctuated mostly with exclamation points, sometimes multiple ones at that. Planet Pokemon is almost completely affected by Major UMCD.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that Mia has a similar disorder. As, it is impossible for her to type a sentence out normally without applying her accent to it. Much like how UMCD affects a typist's capitalization.